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What happens at my appointment with dental hygienist / dental therapist?


Our hygienist are trained in all aspects of dental care, including scaling and polishing, applying fissure sealants and promoting good oral health. There is direct access to the hygienist, if you want to remove unsightly tooth stains to restore confidence in your smile.


Your dentist may advices you to see the hygienist in accordance with National Guidance of the Association Periodontal Society.


We place great emphasis on ‘prevention is better than cure’ and can advise you on how best to manage your dental care. With a wealth of knowledge amongst staff and a range of available products and treatments, good oral health is always achievable.


At your dental check up your dentist will have done a basic assessment of the general health of your gums. Depending on how healthy your gums are your dentist my prescribe a simple routine hygiene appointment or a more in depth series of appointments to get your gums back to their optimum condition.


Dental Hygienist Service

Hygienist Services


Dental hygienists examine patients for signs of oral diseases such as gingivitis and gum disease, and as such can be regarded as our gum specialists. They don’t just clean teeth, but irrigate out the gaps and pockets between the teeth and gums, and provide a range of expert preventative dental care and advice. They also educate and advise patients on ways to improve and maintain good oral health, aswell as offering advice on other aspects such as diet, general health, and cosmetic options.

Routine scaling


This usually includes another BPE check on the gum health, then scaling and polishing as necessary, and advice on brushing, flossing and how to maintain good oral health. Usually a 20 minute appointment, this can be done as often as you like, some patients require more frequent scaling.

Full mouth pocket chart and assessment


This is a separate appointment specifically devoted for more detailed assessment and includes measuring pocket depths and assessing the gum health and bone levels, includes discussion and advice.Usually 15 minutes without scaling.



This can eliminate minor enamel irregularities and some discoloration defects, improving the appearance of teeth, also advice on other cosmetic options such as whitening. Usually 20-30 minutes, as advised by your hygienist.

Full mouth debridement


A more thorough full mouth deep clean to irrigate out all the pockets and control gingivitis in deeper inaccessible areas. Usually 30 minutes.

Full mouth disinfection


A specific regime of 2 hygienist visits less than 48 hours apart, while taking a course of antibiotics and antibacterial mouthwash. This is designed to disrupt the `biofilm` and give the gums a `re-boot`. Usually 2 x 15minute visits, a day or 2 apart.

Deep quadrant pocket scaling


This is a more intensive deep scaling with pocket irrigation, this can be target certain smaller regions of the mouth at each visit and local anaesthetic can be used if necessary. Usually 30 minutes.

Taylor-made individual treatment plans


This is an individual treatment plan can be devised and tailored to suit your individual requirements. Usually a series of visits, lengths may vary.

Slow-release mechanisms


This is when a `perio-chip` is placed into a particular pocket or gap and left in place, to slow release antimicrobial chemicals into a specific pocket for stubborn areas. Usually these can be placed at the end of a hygienist visit, additionally priced per tooth site.

Direct Access


Even if you are not currently a patient of the practice you can still arrange to see our hygienists for treatment. Usually this starts as a routine visit, and then advice can be given should other treatment is required.

Fissure sealants


A protective bonded coating sealed over the fissures of back teeth.

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