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Costs of dental treatment
  • Our staff will inform you of the initial costs of a consultation. Following a detailed examination by your dentist, we will discuss with you a treatment plan of your choice, together with an estimation of charges. A written treatment plan is always offered for any extensive dental treatments or upon request.

  • NHS and Private Treatment Fees change on an annual basis. Please see practice posters or ask a member of staff for more details.

  • Some people may qualify for full or partial exemption from NHS dental charges. If you would like more information please ask our Receptionists.

  • Please note that patients who fail to complete a course of NHS dental treatment may need to pay a further charge, if they return at a later date to continue with their dental treatment.

Payment for treatment

 Under the new NHS regulations, the Practice is entitled to ask you to pay the full costs of your treatment in advance, before beginning your treatment. We may ask you for a deposit for any treatment involving laboratory-work.

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